Earthquake and seismic data retrieved from the
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology.

Program created by Matt Lehmann and Dr. Youwen Ouyang at Cal State San Marcos
as part of the CyberTEAM project (NSF OCI 0753422) in collaboration with Dr.
Debi Kilb from UCSD SIO Games (NSF EAR 0545250). For more resources created
by the CyberTEAM project, click the logo below and visit the "Resource" page.

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This map shows the location of seismic stations. Click on a station to see the seismic data from this earthquake recorded at this station.

Now that you have studied data from 3 stations, you should be able to use trilateration to locate the earthquake. Drag the EPICENTER ICON to the earthquake epicenter position on the map.